Finding a Campground with Lots of Trees

When families are searching for a campsite, choosing a campground or RV park with lots of trees is often at the top of the list. Mature trees provide shade for those hot days of summer, protection from wind and attract birds and wild life. Being close to nature is an important part of the allure of camping for many.

The Riverbend Forest

When you drive into Riverbend Campground, take a moment at the top of the hill and look out over our forest canopy. From above it is impressive. Of course, over time we lose trees, During the floods of 2013 we lost many mature trees along our riverbank. We also must deal with damage from wind and even fire. Read more about campground fire safety here. We also lose trees to eager beavers.

Caring for Our Trees

A primary focus for the Riverbend family is caring for our forest. Well maintained trees can stay healthy for generation and we regularly consult with arborists to assess the health of our mature trees. Pruning is a regular task with an eye to maintaining healthy trees and also for safety. Pruning is necessary to keep tree branches from power lines.

Tree Replacement – Seedlings

If a tree is deemed a safety concern as a last resort it may be removed. We also occasionally relocate a healthy tree. The campground is very fortunate to have a truck mounted tree spade. We call it the “Tree Truck.” And of course, tree planting is part of our long term commitment to our Riverbend Forest. This work ranges from planting seedlings to installing mature trees. In 2001 Riverbend received 500 seedlings from Alberta Department of Agriculture. These were planted in groupings along our Nature Trails. Dedicated campers helped with the planting and care. Those trees have now had 22 years of growth. Three years ago, Riverbend acquired some spruce and pine seedlings and distributed them to our seasonal campers. To become established seedlings need regular watering. We really appreciate our campers nurturing these along.

Tree Replacement – Mature Trees

In between these seedling projects we also install mature trees. We work with local tree farms and nurseries. Trees proven to be prairie-hardy will thrive here on the banks of the Sheep River. Our current tree planting program is focused on fruit trees. We are adding apple, cherry, plum and pear and look forward to enjoying these blossoms in future. Our campers are encourage to help us care for our trees.


Some of our legacy trees are Cottonwoods. These are a variety of popular and are fairly common in this area. So common that they are the namesake, Cottonwood Golf Course. Here at Riverbend our Cottonwood trees are large and they do provide a great deal but they do resent challenges for us. In springtime they shed sap followed by the fluff that can make it look like it’s snowing. They also have a very invasive root system which can cause havoc with our underground services. They are replace when they reach the end of their lives. To learn more about this species of tree read this article.

RV Park with Lots of Trees – Conclusion

For campers looking for a campground with lots of trees, we invite you to consider Riverbend Campground. Be aware, some areas of the campground lost trees through past floods and have been replanted but don’t yet see a great deal of shade.