Private Campgrounds Alberta

Interest in Private Campgrounds

With so many new people discovering the joys of camping since the start of the pandemic, finding a site can be challenging. This is especially true in national and provincial campgrounds. The Play Outside Guide says the search is “Like the Hunger Games.” Many people are opting to focus on private campgrounds in Alberta. One of the principal reasons is the ability to book sites further in advance. You are also less likely to see situations where people have booked sites and then don’t make use of them. A government campground listed as full while many of the sites are empty can upset campers.

Public and Private Campground Differences

Let’s start by having a look at some of the basic differences between public and private campgrounds in Alberta. The obvious first difference is ownership of the campground. This difference in ownership gives rise to quite a few differences. Governments manage and staff public campgrounds which are located in a municipal, Provincial or National Park.

Municipal Campgrounds

It’s unlikely that you would find a municipally owned campground in a major metropolitan area like Calgary. Campers looking for this type will find them in smaller cities and towns. In some cases, the campground is under the umbrella of the town as is the case with the Turner Valley Municipal Campground. A campground n a town park operated by a service club is another common model. Lions campgrounds in High River, Black Diamond and Okotoks are examples

Provincial and Federal Campgrounds

Provincial and National Parks preserve wilderness, wildlife habitat, natural resources and history. Recreational use of parks for hiking and camping may also included as citizens want access to these areas. Campgrounds at these locations have some great advantages. They are usually very affordable and have access to flora, fauna, scenery and history.

 As financial pressures mount for these two levels of government however, they have reduced staffing and reduced services. There are some disadvantages. In a wilderness settings services to each site will be limited. There may be restrictions in place because the facility is on public land. Although there may be extra space between sites some of these have campsites that are very small. These legacy provincial and federal campgrounds were created many years ago when families camped in tents. Early travel trailers were much smaller than the typical RV on the road today.

private campground in Alberta with large lot to accommodate large RVs
Large sites are required for travelers with large motorhomes with vehicle and/or toys in tow.

Private Campgrounds

Private campgrounds in Alberta are located on private land and are operated most often by the owners. The owners have a vested interest in the property and facilities. They are often on the property and it’s not unusual to see multiple generations, not only working but also enjoying what the campground has to offer.

This is certainly the case here at Riverbend Campground. We are in our second generation as owners and managers. Over the years we have worked at constant improvement. We had very humble beginnings and are proud of what our family campground has grown to become. Growth and improvements have included adding sites, and in some cases redevelopment; reducing the number of sites to make our current inventory meet the needs of campers with larger units. We have an ongoing tree planting program which you can read about here. Campers are also looking for more services and amenities.

We look forward to having your family come camping at Riverbend Campground. Start your adventure by visiting our booking pages here.