RV Fire Safety

In the past twelve months we have had two RV fires.  The most recent was a Class A motorhome that was destroyed in a fire on January 8th.  The Okotoks Fire Department responded and says it took two hours to extinguish the fire.   The trailer on the next site had some exterior damage but was saved by the efforts of the firefighters.

We want to ensure the safety of all of our campers.  Before starting the season, do a though safety review.  Does your unit have working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors?  These should be checked and tested regularly.  Make sure you have a fully charged fire extinguisher in your RV.  Everyone should know where it is, how to operate it and what types of fires it can be used for.

In most cases of fire, the best decision is to get out quickly and stay out.  Do not go back in for anything.  Saving lives is the first priority, objects can be replaced, lives cannot.  Have an emergency exit plan and review it with all family members.  Are doorways clear and do latches work properly?  Next check your emergency exit windows.  Do window latches work and does the window easily open?  Some seasonal campers have structures beside their units.  Make certain these do not compromise the operation of these critical exit options.

It is important to become familiar with your site location.  Those of us familiar with Riverbend will know a site location by lot number.  Even at that there is occasionally confusion between East and West.  First responders, not familiar with the campground rely on site number and road name.  Take note of the road name leading to your site, in case of emergency.