Seasonal Camping Southern Alberta

Our previous post was about long term camping. You can read it here. This time we look at seasonal camping in Southern Alberta. The option of renting a campsite for an entire camping season has been very popular for a very long time. It’s so popular that seasonal sites are very hard to find. Riverbend maintains a wait list of people looking for a seasonal site.

Seasonal Campers at Riverbend Campground enjoy an 18 hole mini golf
Riverbend seasonal campers find lots to see and do.

Seasonal camping in Southern Alberta is a solution for people that love camping but are not happy with or not able to tow their RV around all summer.  The Covid-19 Pandemic brought a flood of people to RV dealerships looking for vacation options that accommodated social distancing. Camping is a great option. Many people, brand new to RV ownership, don’t have experience towing a trailer. They might not have even had a tow vehicle. Seasonal camping seems to be a perfect solution.

Of course, seasonal camping was very popular before the pandemic hit. There are many reasons why and everyone has their own motivation. For example, seniors might have reached the point that the challenges associated with towing have just become too daunting. Or perhaps, it’s because a spouse died and it’s too much for the surviving partner. It might simply be that the campers are tired of towing.

Tired of Towing

A family camping weekend requires planning. Reservations are important particularly recently. Prior to the weekend, the RV needs to be picked up at the RV storage lot and brought home. The RV needs to be packed with food clothes and fresh linens. Friday afternoons you hitch up, everyone piles in and you head out. At the end of your drive, you have to check-in and will likely be in a lineup of others that are going through the exact same dance. Once checked in, find your site pull in/back in and set up. After your relaxing weekend in nature you need to reverse this whole process all the way through to your drop off at the RV storage lot.

Many municipalities have by-laws which prevent keeping your RV at home. When considering a seasonal site keep in mind that in addition to eliminating the inconvenience you are also saving the monthly storage charge.

Advantage of Seasonal Camping

Seasonal campers find they get more use out of their RV. You can decide to head out with little advanced planning. Families with kids in sports might find themselves at a game on Saturday morning. You can leave right from the field of play directly to the campground. On arrival, turn on your water, fire up the hot water heater and you are camping. Your unit can be left plugged in with the fridge running so food keeps and the soft drinks and beer stay cold. It’s like an affordable cottage.

Another advantage to consider comes into play when purchasing your trailer. Minimal towing means you can look at larger units which will provide more comfort when you camp. You also have the option of eliminating the need to purchase and maintain a tow vehicle. There are people that are equipped and available to move your trailer when required for a small fee.

Seasonal campers personalize their sites. Solar lights and bird feeders are popular with seasonal campers at Riverbend. And you get to know neighbors and when the pandemic is over you will have a community to socialize with.

Difference Between Seasonal and Long Term

Seasonal camping is similar to long term camping with your RV parked on a site for an extended period of time. The difference is as a seasonal camper you are not using your RV every day. This option is intended for campers that work full-time and come to the campground on weekends to get away. Seasonal campers at Riverbend can spend a 2 week summer vacation but If you will be using your RV more than 2 days a week long term would be a better option.


Some might be concerned about get tired of camping in the same spot every weekend. Seasonal campers will tell you that’s just not true. There are always new things to see and do and in fact being in a natural setting without the chore of towing makes for a relaxing experience. For things to do check out our page with day trip ideas here. We have an 18-hole golf course right next door. If you are interested in seasonal camping contact us to get your name on our wait list.