6 Tips to Improve RV Security

This post was provided by Dylan Snyder, team leader and real estate consultant at The Snyder Group.

Home Security Tips for Campers

Home security is just as important for an RV as it is for a standard residence. Without proper security, an RV can be vandalized, stolen or burgled. Many people keep important and valuable items in their RV, like money, electronics and important documents. In the event that an RV is compromised, all of these important belongings could be taken. People who enjoy taking out their RV can follow this advice to help keep their RV and belongings safe. Here are 6 tips to improve RV security.

RV Security Tip – Get a Safe

Anyone who brings money or valuables with them when camping will need a way to keep items safe inside the RV. Installing a safe somewhere inside the camper makes this possible. The most secure type of safe will be built in to the RV, but there are portable safes available that can also help secure belongings.

RV Security Tip – Keep Valuables Out of Sight

Thieves often act on impulse, taking what they happen to see. Keeping valuables out of sight in an RV campground can prevent this from happening. Drawing the curtains and putting things away before leaving for a hike is one of the best ways to prevent thieves from trying the “smash and grab” approach.

RV Security Tip – Camp Near Others

Camping near others is a good way to deter thieves and vandals. With witnesses around, thieves are unlikely to break into and enter the trailer.

There are also other reasons that camping near others is safe. Camping in isolated areas means that there’s less help available if an emergency should occur. Camping near others is a good way to ensure that there is safety in numbers.

RV security starts with a deadbolt on entrance doors
RV security for a trailer hitch

RV Security Tip – Get a King Pin Lock and Dead Bolt

Specialized locks help prevent thieves and vandals from stealing a trailer or objects from inside the trailer. There are a variety of different locks that can help secure an RV. Choose a trailer coupler lock for a bumper hitch or king pin lock which wraps around  the 5th wheel king pin. These devices prevents someone from hooking their truck up to the RV for the purposes of stealing the trailer.

Deadbolts also help secure the trailer door. A dead bolt is a much sturdier lock than the standard lock that comes with the RV trailer, and can help prevent people from breaking in to the trailer.

RV Security Tip – Install a Motion Detector Light

Motion detector lights are useful for a variety of purposes. On dark nights, a good motion detector light will help prevent accidents in the area around the RV, by making the area around the RV easier to see. A good motion detector light is also an excellent way to keep undesirable people and wild animals away from the RV entrance. This makes the RV safer to walk into and out of at night.

RV Security Tip – Choose a Smart Parking Spot

Parking an RV in a well-lit area is another good way to keep unwanted people away. When parking an RV in a parking lot, it’s a good idea to park the RV in a part of the parking lot that is well-lit. In this situation, it’s also smart to park an RV in such a way that the door to the RV is facing the storefront, so that anyone who enters or exits the door can be seen by the people in the store.

If you’re an RV owner who would like more information about how to keep your RV secure, talk to an RV salesperson. He or she should be able to talk to you about the many options available for keeping an RV safe.

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